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The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a public body funded by central government whose purpose is to distribute compensation, which exceeds £200 million every year, to the victims of violent crime. Sums paid are intended to cover pain and suffering and loss of amenity for the injury itself and in certain circumstances other losses and expenses to a maximum compensatory award of £500,000.

Our specialist criminal injury compensation solicitors provide advice and representation to victims of violent assault who suffer from physical and/or psychological injuries arising from :-

  • assault (S47/ABH/GBH)
  • fatal injury & murder
  • rape & buggery
  • sexual assault
  • child abuse
  • robbery
  • kidnapping

Our criminal injury compensation solicitors are members of both the Law Society panel of personal injury experts and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We offer free initial advice on CICA applications and will review your potential claim and advise on its value. We deal with CICA claims using no win no fee arrangements which means that if you don't get paid then neither do we. We ask for no upfront payments and your claim is totally risk free. If the claim is refused or the award is inadequate in appropriate cases we will appeal the decision to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeal Panel (CICAP).

With the exception of some offences of sexual abuse, applications for criminal injury compensation must be made within 2 years of the offence. The victims behaviour before, during and after the violent incident is taken into account including all 'unspent' criminal convictions. It is not necessary for there to be an arrest, prosecution or conviction for an award to be made however the victim must report the incident to the police at the first possible opportunity. The victim must co-operate in any subsequent prosecution which may mean attending court as a witness.

Awards by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority are based on a tariff scheme whereby all potential injuries are assigned a value within a tariff band ranging from £1,000 to £250,000. If the victim suffers more than one injury then the three most severe are taken into account with the lesser injuries being discounted within the bands by 15% and 30% before aggregation of all three to produce the amount of the award. To qualify for an award the injury must have lasted at least 6 weeks and have required at least 2 attendances on a medical practitioner.

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